International Congress on
Transport Infrastructure and Systems

April 10/12, 2017

Emerging technologies to enable smarter, greener and more efficient movement of people and goods around the world.


Session 3 – Sustainable Road Construction Practices

Posted: 10 aprile 2017 alle 19:21   /   NEWS

The third session of the TIS Congress, chaired by professor Francesco Canestrari,  focused the problem of road construction sustainability presenting recent studies about the progress in low-impact technologies with and in depth analysis about the re-use of materials in road pavement construction and maintenance.  A significant study about  the cutting-edge technologies for energy harvesting completed […]

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Session 2 – Sustainable Mobility Planning

Posted: 10 aprile 2017 alle 19:18   /   NEWS

Nowadays sustainability is at the heart of transport strategies. How to improve transport sustainability was the main issue of the second session of the TIS International Congress. The session, chaired by professor Paolo Fadda, presented studies about the problems of energy consumption in modern transport system,  explored the new frontiers of car sharing policies, but also examined […]

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Session 1 – Transportation Policy and Sustainability

Posted: 10 aprile 2017 alle 19:15   /   NEWS

Transportation policy and planning were the main issues discussed during the first session of the TiS Congress chaired by Cesar Quieroz (World Bank). The papers discussed during this session presented various experiences of Public Private Partnerships in different countries, including significant examples of infrastructure and transportation systems planning  both in urban and in extra-urban contexts. […]

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