International Congress on
Transport Infrastructure and Systems

April 10/12, 2017

Emerging technologies to enable smarter, greener and more efficient movement of people and goods around the world.

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Session 11 – Railway Maintenance

Posted: 11 aprile 2017 alle 16:51   /   NEWS

The problems of railway maintenance represent a very strategic topic, in the perspective of a more and more massive use of trains for people traveling along international high speed and high capacity railway corridors. But the problems of railway maintenance regard also the local connections.  These topics were discussed during the 11th session of the […]

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Session 10 – Railway Design

Posted: 11 aprile 2017 alle 16:48   /   NEWS

The new trends  of railway design have been discussed during the 10th session of the TIS congress. The Chairman (Professor Malavasi) introduced studies from various authors, presenting recent experiences of railway transportation systems design and management.  The problems of railway safety were also deeply investigated during the session.   Alessandro Focaracci – Safety in the […]

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Session 9 – Road Safety Management

Posted: 10 aprile 2017 alle 19:40   /   NEWS

Professor Raffaele Mauro, Italian Road Infrastructures Society (SIIV) President, chaired this 9th very interesting session about Road Safety Management. During this session the most advanced applications and experiences of RSM were presented. It is well known that the problem of road safety is particularly significant and new methods to reduce the costs of motorized mobility […]

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Session 8 – Road Safety planning and interventions

Posted: 10 aprile 2017 alle 19:37   /   NEWS

The importance of a road safety based approach for road networks development and maintenance has been discussed during this 8th session of the TIS Congress. The papers presented during this session focused on innovative experiences, with specific regard to pedestrian and cyclist safety. The session was chaired by Enrico Pagliari from ACI – Italy.   […]

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Session 7 – Road Geometric Design

Posted: 10 aprile 2017 alle 19:32   /   NEWS

The most recent design models and international specifications were discussed during the 7th session entirely dedicated to Road design topics and chaired by professor Felice Giuliani former director of the AIIT Studies Centre and former president of the Italian SIIV association. The session focused on new design methodologies for road geometry and on recent intersection […]

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Session 6 – Traffic Management

Posted: 10 aprile 2017 alle 19:24   /   NEWS

The new perspective of environmental and social sustainability were discussed and analyzed during this 6th session of the TIS Congress. Various studies and experiences were presented by the authors, with particular reference to speed and capacity management on highways and on urban and rural roads. The session was Chaired bay Ana Bastos Silva from the […]

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Session 2 – Sustainable Mobility Planning

Posted: 10 aprile 2017 alle 19:18   /   NEWS

Nowadays sustainability is at the heart of transport strategies. How to improve transport sustainability was the main issue of the second session of the TIS International Congress. The session, chaired by professor Paolo Fadda, presented studies about the problems of energy consumption in modern transport system,  explored the new frontiers of car sharing policies, but also examined […]

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Session 1 – Transportation Policy and Sustainability

Posted: 10 aprile 2017 alle 19:15   /   NEWS

Transportation policy and planning were the main issues discussed during the first session of the TiS Congress chaired by Cesar Quieroz (World Bank). The papers discussed during this session presented various experiences of Public Private Partnerships in different countries, including significant examples of infrastructure and transportation systems planning  both in urban and in extra-urban contexts. […]

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