AIIT 2nd International Congress on
Transport Infrastructure and Systems in a changing world

Towards a more sustainable, reliable and smarter mobility.

23rd - 24th September 2019


Session 8 – Railway transport

Posted: 24 Settembre 2019 alle 17:41   /   TIS 2019

Railway Transport is was the main issue discussed during the session of the TiS Congress chaired by Giovanni Mantovani . Ignacio Villalba Sanchis, Ricardo Insa Franco, Pablo Salvador Zuriaga and Pablo Martínez Fernández –  Risk of increasing temperature due to climate change on operation of the Spanish rail network / The rail network in Spain is around 16.000 […]

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Session 7 – Maritime Transport

Posted: 24 Settembre 2019 alle 17:39   /   TIS 2019

The papers discussed during session 7, chaired by Maria Attard presented various experiences of Maritime Transport. Juan Ignacio Alcaide and Ruth Garcia Llave – Critical infrastructures cybersecurity and the maritime sector / The paper was about cybersecurity in the maritime field, a sector increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks due to advances that are already in […]

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Session 6 – Road Safety and Driving Behaviour

Posted: 24 Settembre 2019 alle 17:28   /   TIS 2019

This 6th session chaired by Fabrizio d’Amico focused on the psychological, physiological and natural perturbations that may affect our driving behaviour. Brayan González-Hernández, Davide Shingo Usami, Oleksii Prasolenko, Dmytro Burko, Andrii Galkin, Oleksii Lobashov and Luca Persia Persia – The driver’s visual perception ressac to analyze pedestrian safety at twilight / The visual perception of […]

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Session 5 – Human Factors and Road Design

Posted: 24 Settembre 2019 alle 17:26   /   TIS 2019

This 5th session chaired by Gianfranco Francello talks about human behaviour in front of particular road design and the new technologies to mesure the human factor in road safety. Stefano Zampino – Analysis of the effects of lead vehicles on drivers approaching deceleration lanes on a dual carriageway road / The aim of this research […]

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Session 4 – Road Geometric design

Posted: 24 Settembre 2019 alle 17:19   /   TIS 2019

This 4th session chaired by Stefano Zampino focused on the Road Geometric Design, the assessment of it’s efficiency and the issues to improve more safety and sustainable approach. Dmitri Nemchinov, Dmitry Martiakhin, Aleksey Kostsov, Alexandr Mikhaylov and Nemchinov – Research of accepted headways and visibility conditions on intersections / Studies conducted in the preparation of […]

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Session 3 – Public Transport Systems

Posted: 24 Settembre 2019 alle 17:16   /   TIS 2019

This session was chaired by Marco Medeghini and it aims to analyse the public transport, in particular buses and what kind of impact do they make on lives of citizens. Michela Bonera, Giulio Maternini, Graham Parkhurst, Daniela Paddeu, William Clayton and David Vetturi – Travel experience on board urban buses: a comparison between Bristol and […]

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Session 2 – Automotive Innovation Impacts

Posted: 24 Settembre 2019 alle 17:14   /   TIS 2019

Automative innovations are highly discussed topic lately. In this session, chaired by Ilaria Delponte various aspects are discussed, from impact on users to sustainability of such solutions. Đorđe Petrović, Radomir Mijailović and Dalibor Pešić – Traffic accidents with autonomous vehicles: type of collisions, manoeuvres and errors of conventional vehicles’ drivers / It is clear that […]

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Session 1 – Intelligent Transport System

Posted: 24 Settembre 2019 alle 17:11   /   TIS 2019

How continue GPS, sensors and video data collection could be used in transportation planning? In this session, from different speaker’s point of view, an answer is given. Anton Sysoev, Elena Khabibullina, Dmitry Kadasev and Nikita Voronin – Heterogeneous Data Aggregation Schemes to Determine Traffic Flow Parameters in Regional Intellegent Transportation Systems / During the speech, […]

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Gala Dinner news: Registration closed and location infos!

Posted: 18 Settembre 2019 alle 18:16   /   NEWS, Senza categoria

The Organizing Committee of TIS Roma 2019 would like to thank all the participants who registered for the Gala Dinner. Registration are now closed. The Gala Dinner will take place on Monday, September 23rd at the wonderful Ara Pacis in Rome. Participation includes transport to the venue and museum visit.

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Bentley workshop on OpenCDE: the BIM platform for infrastructure asset management

Posted: 12 Settembre 2019 alle 19:12   /   NEWS

The Congress Organizing Committee is pleased to inform delegates that our sponsor Bentley will held a workshop entitled: “OpenCDE: the BIM platform for infrastructure asset management” The workshop will take place on the 24th September at 11:30 in the Hall 4 of the congress venue.

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