AIIT 3rd International Conference

New scenarios for Transport Infrastructure and Systems

Transition to Inclusivity, Resilience and Sustainability

15th – 16th September 2022, ROME (ITALY)

Conference Topics

Papers presenting contemporary research about different transportation modes are welcome, including air, road, railway, maritime and inland waterways, logistics. The congress program will cover the following topics, but will not be limited to:

Transport Infrastructure

  • Road Design and Sustainable Road Construction
  • Life cycle Cost Analysis
  • Life-Cycle Assessment and Sustainability assessment of transport infrastructure
  • Asset management in transport infrastructure
  • Infrastructure operation optimization and energy
  • Road Asset Management and Road Safety Management
  • Innovation in Pavement Design and Asphalt Materials
  • Environmentally Sustainable Technologies
  • Airport Pavement Management Systems, runway
    design and maintenance
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) for infrastructure
  • Railway Design and Maintenance Sustainable
    Practices in Railway Construction
  • Tunnels and underground structures
  • Airport infrastructures and facilities
  • Port infrastructures, operations, maintenance and development issues
  • Stone pavements, ancient roads and historic railways
  • Intermodal freight transport: terminals and logistics

Transport Systems

  • Transport and environment (including climate change issues and transport system resilience)
  • Social and economic sustainability in transport
    appraisal (including Transport economics, finance and pricing issues)
  • Inclusive transport systems (including gender issues)
  • Sustainable urban mobility planning
  • Participatory transport decision-making  processes
  • Decision support methods and tools for transport planning
  • Transport and Traffic Management (including traffic models)
  • Automation in transport (including vehicle innovation)
  • Human factor in transport systems (including Driving Behaviour)
  • Digitalization in Transport (including ITS)
  • Multimodal transport systems and Mobility as a Service
  • Shared mobility and new micromobility options
  • Cycling and Pedestrian mobility
  • City logistics and urban freight transport
  • Maritime Transport and port-city interactions
  • Railway transport planning and management
  • Air transport planning and management