AIIT 2nd International Congress on
Transport Infrastructure and Systems in a changing world

Towards a more sustainable, reliable and smarter mobility.

23rd - 24th September 2019

Session 22 – Road Materials and Innovation

Posted: 26 Settembre 2019 alle 9:38   /   TIS 2019

In this session, chaired by Nikiforos Stamatiadis, we have occassion to discuss various techniques and materials used in road construction. In the light of recent principals, particular attention is put to sostainability, quality improvement and safety. Ronald Roberts, Gaetano Di Mino and Laura Inzerillo – Developing a framework for using Structure from Motion techniques for […]

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Session 21 – Vulnerable Road Users Safety

Posted: 26 Settembre 2019 alle 9:37   /   TIS 2019

Keila Gonzalez-Gomez and Maria Castro- Analysis of sight distances at urban intersections. Vulnerable users’ approach / Roads elements are predominantly designed to safely accommodate motorized users. Urban roads and streets, unlike highways, contain very dissimilar users and might have higher points of conflict. Nowadays, due to the increasing use of vehicle sharing systems, personal transport […]

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Session 20 – Road Safety Assessment and Measures

Posted: 26 Settembre 2019 alle 9:36   /   TIS 2019

The argument are different about road safety assessment and measures, in this session a speakers from different countries did present more specific topics like stiffness of passengers cars and analysis on visibility from driver seat with chairperson Davide Lo Presti. Vasiliki Amprasi, Ioannis Politis, Andreas Nikiforiadis and Socrates Basbas- Comparing the microsimulated pedestrian level of […]

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Session 19 – Road Safety Management

Posted: 26 Settembre 2019 alle 9:34   /   TIS 2019

Matjaz Sraml, Tiziana Campisi, Giovanni Tesoriere, Antonino Canale and Chiara Gruden- The evaluation of the surrogate safety measures along a pedestrian confined ramps of an old bridge / Pedestrians walk daily to meet their basic needs. Therefore, over the years it has been attempted to make urban context more liveable, respecting the needs of weak […]

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Session 18 – Road Safety Management

Posted: 26 Settembre 2019 alle 9:30   /   TIS 2019

Dalibor Pešić and Andrijana Pešić – Monitoring of Road Safety Performance Indicators – current situation and trends in the Republic of Serbia / Republic of Serbia started to monitor road safety performance indicators (RSPIs) in 2013. After comprehensive study, Road Traffic Safety Agency and University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering have […]

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Session 17 – Traffic Management Models and Logistics

Posted: 26 Settembre 2019 alle 9:24   /   TIS 2019

Anton Sysoev, Pavel Saraev, Alexander Galkin and Semen Blyumin – Mathematical Remodeling Concept in Simulation of Complicated Variable Structure Transportation Systems / Mathematical remodeling is aimed at transforming mathematical or simulation models of one or different classes (or subsystems which form a studied system) into a model of one predefined unified class. Depending on the […]

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Session 16 – Transport infrastructure management and Reliability

Posted: 26 Settembre 2019 alle 9:19   /   TIS 2019

Dalibor Pešić, Bojana Todosijević and Filip Filipović, Risk exposure data – Possibilities for assessment of risk exposure for the Republic of Serbia / The importance of measuring risk exposure has been recognized by leading countries and key institutions, as well in the most important strategic documents, in the field of road safety. Although a high-quality […]

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Session 15 – Pavement design

Posted: 26 Settembre 2019 alle 9:17   /   TIS 2019

Sandro Colagrande, Danilo Ranalli and Marco Tallini – GPR investigation on damaged road pavements built in cut and fill sections / We present the GPR results dealing with flexible road pavements located on cut and fill sections. The aim is to evaluate the road damage (particularly the ramified cracks) taking into consideration also the cut […]

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Session 14 – BIM and Infrastructure design

Posted: 26 Settembre 2019 alle 9:14   /   TIS 2019

New methods and technologies are changing the sectors of engineering and constructions. The European Directive 2014/24/EU and its recent Italian transposition law DM 560/2017, encourage an extensive use of BIM-based practices in transport infrastructure design. BIM system (Building Information Modeling) rapresent an opportunity for project manager in digital processes for infrastructures.  Francesco Abbondati, Salvatore Antonio […]

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